I’ve been mulling the blog question for a year.  Seana told me that this is what writers do.  Being a mountain guide, I need to promote that area of my work.  And a mum.  And a wife – my husband, Scott does fascinating work (

Mostly life is just chopping wood and carrying water (in the words of Buddha).  Really, it’s backcountry ski guiding and domestics;  but every now and then, I do something else.  With winter mostly over in Utah, I have decided to hike/run the Grand Canyon from rim to rim to rim (starting at the South side), with my friend Nancy Feagin and a couple of ultra running ladies.  Pure ridiculous-ness given that my training has been a combination of backcountry skiing and 2-4 sessions of cross-fit a week, for the past five months.  However, with a month to train, I’m committed.  It’s something I have wanted to do for years.

This initial blog will document my training and the actual grovel itself:  a 42 mile trek with 10 300 feet of elevation gain and loss through one of the great scenic wonders on our planet.  It’s not a race, so my main goal is to accumulate some foot miles and get my quads into gear for the downhills.  I am an experienced hurter from my adventure racing days.  Scottie has Obie covered (although Grandma Dixie was on stand-by for a while).

I think I’m good to go.

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