Taken Down

The big training day was cold and wet.  I was cold and wet.  I’ve tried to deny it but I have problems with my immune system…. or something.  The following day my legs felt fine but my throat felt that familiar tingling tightness.  Another bout of bronchitis (my 3rd this year) was looming.  I hit the vitamins, to no avail.  With two weeks until “the event”, I was effectively finished with my training.  It was a good, focused 10 days!

Years ago when I was training for the iconic Coast to Coast (in New Zealand) and aiming for the female win, I asked a friend of mine, Annabel, if she wanted to join me for a training ride.  “Nah, training’s cheating”, she told me airily.  That’s how I am now.  My lifestyle (+ the 10 day leg sort-out) is the training and I reckon it’s probably enough to get me through.  I’m not looking for a record, I’m just trying to make it.  I saw Annabel racing in the C2C.  A true outdoors woman, she was cycling along at the back and chatting with some bloke.  Happy to be out there and completely in her element.  I aim to emulate that twenty-year old vision of joy.

Today I managed a quick cross fit session with Nancy (we do these 1-4 times a week to exercise and catch up while the boys play).  Nancy makes me look less A-type – more A-, perhaps B+.  However, the ramped up running programme had affected her too and she had strained a calf muscle (although she was no doubt, still climbing hard).

“Nancy,” I spoke sternly. ” Teaches us for deciding on big projects last minute in our mid-40’s!”  Yet that’s the thing:  Time, jobs, kids, families…. we don’t have the time or whatever but we keep on keeping on.  We are kinesthetic ladies, so we keep on striving as athletes and we stay (sort of) balanced.  At least we remain athletes.  And because of that we are set up to take on projects like legging it across the Grand Canyon.

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