Am I well enough?

Two days until we start the loooong drive down to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon.  I still have the cold but let’s not dwell on that.

Scottie won a Sports Emmy yesterday for outstanding camera work on The 2011 Ironman World championships.  As a moto-shooter, he spends all day using his considerable core strength to get creative shots (one position he describes is “the brokeback”  a position involving him facing backwards on the bike with legs wrapped around the waist of the driver – all the while keeping with the cyclist being filmed).  Scott’s been nominated for Emmys before and he actually won one in 1999 for sound in the Eco-Challenge.  He also won a National award for museum media for his work with Kate Raisz on the new Utah Museum of Natural History.  I will think of Scottie and be inspired – he works super hard and is very courageous.

What can I say about my pending trip into the Grand Canyon except that I hope that I make it!  The trick will be to start really slow.  So many times, I have started too fast and blow up 20 hours later.  My goal is to make it in 20 hours.  If that’s not realistic, then my goal is to walk through the night to the North Rim and back down to the Phantom Ranch (a distance of about 35 miles with 10 600 feet of elevation loss and 5800 of gain).  If I’m too knackered, I’ll get a room at Phantom lodge or just crash under a tree for a few hours.  Often I’ve been 2-3 days into a race, completely exhausted and then I take a two hour sleep and am completely good to go.

One crazy factor about this gig is that I expect to be on my own.  The other ladies are fitter – Mindy and Nancy R being competitive ultra runners.  And Nancy F has time goals that I am quite sure, are not realistic for me.  I’ll be back with the report on Monday.

ImageScott filming in the Grand Canyon (the time he flew in a microlight and filmed Will Gadd motor-paragliding across it)

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