Interruption to trip with death of great friend in Utah


Our good friend Craig Patterson was killed in an avalanche in Utah last Thursday. Obie and I had left Scott in base camp two days before (Obie made it). We had arrived in Kumjung – the village above Namche Bazaar where Sir Ed Hillary did much of his philanthropic work with the Sherpas. I reluctantly (and must say nervously for some reason) decided I should check emails and got the devastating news. Craig and I worked together on avalanche classes heaps over the past 10 years, wrote the UMA manual together, had kids almost identical ages and we had been doing family holidays since the kids were babies. We love Craig, Renae and Kaya!
I spent the night talking to Scott on a surprisingly clear line and deciding what to do. The day dawned clear and fortuitous. It the day for Scott’s puja for luck and health on Everest and in Kumjung, it was a big day (actually week) of puja for the health of the village. Fifty Lamas were present chanting in the Gompa (monastery). We trekked up to see them and the Rinpoche (head Lama) looked at a picture of Craig on my iPad, got his name and Craig’s soul would be included in the puja. Scott asked the Lama of his puja to include Craig as well. We do what we can when we are faraway. This felt right.
The photo is of my guide, Chomba, showing Craig’s photo to the Rinpoche in the monastery.

One thought on “Interruption to trip with death of great friend in Utah

  1. So sorry to hear about your friend Craig. My heart goes out to you and Scottie and the poor family of his. What a beautiful way to honor his life way up in the mountains of Nepal. Sending all our love to you today from the small mountains of the Sierra Nevada. xoxoxoxo
    -Seana and Lacey and Louis and Perry

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