Riding the White Rim

This has been on my project list for years and I’m finally going this weekend…. just as Scott arrives home from the (aborted) Everest trip. My 45th approaches so I’m sticking with it while Scottie overcomes the jetlag. The White Rim is a glorious 100 mile mountain bike loop near Moab. I’m riding with Renae Power and ski racer gals Heidi Lane and Karoline Droege and Heidi’s very strong husband, Geoff Lane. Will it be cool for Geoff with the ladies or merely tedious? Watch the SPOT tracker (if I get round to actually turning it on)….

I actually expect this to be more painful than the Grand Canyon Rim to Rim to Rim.  I’ve not ridden bikes much in years but I’ve suffered on them before so hopefully there’s life in the old dog yet.  I’ll be riding my Cannondale Scapel, a loyal old mate that I’ve had for 9 years.

AR World Champs 2005 033

2 thoughts on “Riding the White Rim

  1. anna, it was fun seeing you the other day I didn’t know you knew Heidi lane we used to work together at primary children’s years ago! please tell her you know me and I said hi! I would love to catch up with her have fun this weekend xo hil

    Hilary Silberman cell:801-560-1172 home:801-583-2348 hilary2348@gmail.com

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