Anna Keeling Guiding goes live

While Scott was filming on Mt Everest I got down to some serious administration.  Part of this was to write copy for my business based in the Craigieburns, NZ.  I’m proud of the work CHILL Studio made in building the very originally-named

Thanks to John O’Malley for providing the great Craigieburn scenic shots on the website.

Setting up shop in the Craigieburns has been in the works for a few years now.  I’ve just formalized it.  We’ll still be zipping back and forth across the Pacific and hitting all the springs and winters.  We’re blossom experts.  People always ask how do they find us?  It’s easy:  July-Dec we are in NZ (alternating Christmas to keep both families happy).  Dec-July we are in Utah.  I’m still working for the AMGA and Utah Mountain Adventures when in USA.  Obie goes to school in both countries and does the second half of each school year.  So far so good.

Scott has returned from Mt Everest and the tragic situation with the Nepalese earthquakes.  You can read my reports on his blog:  Scott’s blog.

IMG_7271IMG_7245This is what Obes and I get up to when Scott’s at Mt E!