Another winter 2015


Another excellent winter draws to a close (my feet thank me).  Below is a recent blog I posted to the CHILL website about the doings of Anna Keeling Guiding.  Yet another NZMGA Ski Guide assessment saw the fantastic attainment of IFMGA by world-famous mountaineer, Lydia Bradey.  A big year for Lydia – the launch of her book (Getting Up is Easy), major hip surgery and now IFMGA.  I was thrilled to be part of it and so were the rest of the crew.

We are rolling to the end of our NZ time.  Next on for me is guiding Michele up Mt Kenya in late December.  This is huge as Michele and I have been climbing together since 2002.  I’ll be in touch….

Working with CHILL 2015


Helping Sean with his phd


Snow safety class working the turns!

Snow safety class working the turns!