Macpac blog shout out to John my number 1 guide of 2019!

Blog from Imogen of Macpac on a snow safety course from this season

A couple of new things:

1. I’ve stepped up to assessing on NZMGA Climb exams.  After 21 ski seasons in a row, the feet just love it when I squeeze them into rock shoes instead of ski boots.  Just joking …. I’m motivated by challenge, and the option to step up for my lesser sport (though equally loved) of climbing seemed like a logical step.  The recent NZMGA climb assessment was challenging – full westerly conditions for 2 weeks.  November at it’s most tempestuous with seething snows replenishing our glaciers (this is good).  Yes, a challenging couple of weeks but I do love working with guides-in-training and seeing them psyched to share mountain passion.  It’s an intense and demanding career choice.

2.  I’ve joined Macpac as an ambassador.  This is huge and another full circle milestone.  Back in the late 1980’s when Adventure Racing was a fledgling sport, our Canterbury team was outfitted by Macpac with lightweight Pursuit packs, sleeping bags and clothing.  it was good fun to go and visit the crew at Macpac, talk gear and get experimental. We put that gear seriously to the test in the world’s first adventure race, the Raid Gauloises, NZ (which we won – I bought my first car with the prize money!) It’s a crazy honour to be invited to represent Macpac again, a quiet 30 years later.  AND I DON’T HAVE TO TRY AND WIN ANY RACES!  That’s a relief as I’m actually not into competitive sport anymore.

Photos:  Recent images from a day’s training with Justin and Paul on Philistine.  Photos:  Jane Morris.