I like being outside.  Ski touring and climbing in Utah’s Wasatch or New Zealand’s Craigieburn Range or the Southern Alps, climbing and mountain biking in the desert, surfing (wherever and whenever I can), I draw inspiration from wilderness.  Even popular wilderness.

As an IFMGA mountain and ski guide, sharing my passion with others is part of the game.  That includes my five-year old son, Obie.  My favourite partner in the outdoors is my husband, Scott Simper.  My newest partner is Obie.  We are based in Castle Hill, New Zealand from July-December and Salt Lake City, Utah from December-July.  The contrast between our two places is amusing.

I couldn’t do it if I didn’t stay on top of my fitness.  A teenage obsession with fitness – initially for alpine ski racing, later for endurance racing (adventure racing, multisport, mountain biking) – gave me confidence and impetus to try new sports.  I like to train and have refined it over the years in an attempt to do more with less (time mostly).

My mother told me to write.  As the winter ski columnist for the Escape section of the Christchurch Press and a freelance writer, this blog provides an opportunity to share my activities, promote my guiding trips and avalanche education and share fitness ideas with active parents.

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Anna Louise! Its’ me Cathy one of your old (really old) workmates from Whistler. We are bringing our bikes to NZ and chasing the eternal summer this January/February as we are now empty nesters with two kids in university. Hope we have an opportunity to see you.

      • Hi Cathy, Did you go to NZ? Let me know when you are in Utah. This year? We’ll come and catch up. It’s been years!! Do you still work at Whistler. Fond memories! Cheers, Anna

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